Proiecte recente / New Projects

Author: Aurora Király / Editor: ARAC / Texts by: Liviana Dan, Cristina Stoenescu / Translation: Cristina Stoenescu / Proof-reading: Giles Eldridge, Sandra Demetrescu, Ileana Savu / Photographs: Aurora Király, Iosif Király, Ugron Reka / Design: Larisa Sitar, Aurora Király / DTP: Aurelian Ardeleanu / Project Manager: Anca Poterașu / Paper: Garda Pat Kiara / Printed at: Fabrik / Published by: ARAC & Anca Poterașu Gallery / UNARTE Publishing House / 2017 / Bucharest, Romania
ISBN 978-606-720-092-8


Artist Catalogue

Published by ARAC in collaboration with Club ElectroPutere / Cover image: Transformater, 2016 / Texts by: Adrian Bojenoiu / Proof editing: Sandra Watt / English translation: Sandra Watt / Project coordination: Anca Poterașu / Photo Credits: Alexandru Paul, Adrian Bojenoiu, Róbert Köteles / Pre-press: New Folder / Concept and Graphic Design: Corina Gabriela Duma / Cover paper: Mat 350g/mp / Interior paper: mat 150g - Garda Matt / Typeface: Fira Family by Erik Spikermann / Printed: Masterprint Super Offset, Bucharest / Circulation: 750 / Bucharest, 2016
ISBN 973 -0-23057-4978

Published by ARAC  / Cover image: I-6683, 2014 / Texts by:  Zoltán Béla, Bogdan Coșa, Gergö Horváth, Ioana Mandeal, Adriana Oprea  / Proof editing: Dorina Ivan / English translation: Iulian Curuia / Translation supervising: Bogdan Coșa / Project coordination: Anca Poterașu / Photo Credits: Dan Vezentan, Adi Bulboacă, Zoltán Béla / Design & Pre-press consultancy: Corina Gabriela Duma / Cover paper: Munken 300g/mp / Typeface: Merlo by Typoforge Studio / Printed: Masterprint / Circulation: 1000 / Bucharest, 2015
ISBN 978 -606-8642-43-7

The above-mentioned editorial projects are co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN). The projects do not represent the views of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not to be held responsible for the content of the projects or the way in which the results of the projects might be used. These fall within the responsability of the beneficiary of the financing.